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Hydrosols Manufacturer in India - Buy Online

Aethon Internatonal is a leading Hydrosols Manufacturers in India is a company that produces Hydrosols Essential oil using a process called hydrosol distillation. This process involves extracting the oils from plant material using steam or water. The oils are then collected and condensed into a concentrated form. The final product is a pure, natural essential oil that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Hydrosols Essential Oils are known for their therapeutic properties and are often used in aromatherapy and massage. They can also be used in skincare products, hair care products, and cleaning products. We are known as leading Hydrosols manufacturer & they are a popular choice for those looking for a natural alternative to synthetic fragrances.

Aethon International is known as prominent Hydrosols Manufacturers in India

We are a magnificent Hydrosols Exporters and Suppliers in India. Face masks, hair care, facial toners, body sprays, and room sprays, such as this sage room spray recipe; all use hydrosols. Many different types of hydrosol recipes can be made with hydrosols. They are frequently used in recipes for facial toners, aromatherapy, air freshener sprays, extracts & blends and perfumes. Hydrosols are aromatic water that remains after the steam distillation of essential oil. They contain essential oil micromolecules and boost skin surface immunity. Their aromas are typically soft and subtle.

Lavender hydrosol has astringent and purifying properties that are ideal for maintaining beautiful skin, especially if you have blemishes. Lavender hydrosol is appropriate for all skin and hair types. Hydrosols essential oils, unlike many essential oils, are gentle and are frequently the better choice for children and those with extremely sensitive skin. Because hydrosols contain the healing and calming properties of essential oils, they are an excellent "natural first aid" treatment for many joint inflammations.

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Basil Hydrosol
Basil Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360
Bergamot Hydrosol
Bergamot Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360
Calendula Hydrosol
Calendula Hydrosol ₹125 - ₹2360
Camphor Hydrosol
Camphor Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360
Cedarwood Hydrosol
Cedarwood Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360
Chamomile Blue Hydrosol
Chamomile Blue Hydrosol ₹166 - ₹3245
Champa (Magnolia) Hydrosol
Champa (Magnolia) Hydrosol ₹166 - ₹3245
Cinnamon Bark Hydrosol
Cinnamon Bark Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360
Clary Sage Hydrosol
Clary Sage Hydrosol ₹110 - ₹2065
Clove Bud Hydrosol
Clove Bud Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360
Cypress Hydrosol
Cypress Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360
Eucalyptus Hydrosol
Eucalyptus Hydrosol ₹110 - ₹2065
Frangipani Hydrosol
Frangipani Hydrosol ₹138 - ₹2655
Frankincense Hydrosol
Frankincense Hydrosol ₹110 - ₹2065
Geranium Hydrosol
Geranium Hydrosol ₹124 - ₹2360