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Cold Pressed Carrier Oils Manufacturer in Trivandrum - Buy Online

Aethon International is a foremost Cold Pressed Carrier Oils Manufacturers in Trivandrum. Essential oils are created by distilling aromatic plant leaves, flowers, bark, and roots. However, if they apply these oils directly to the skin, they may cause severe irritation, flushing, or burning. Carrier oils dilute essential oils and aid their "carrying" into the skin. Aloe vera gels and unscented body lotions are also sometimes used as carriers. Carrier oils are typically vegetable oils derived from a plant's seeds, kernels, or nuts, such as coconut oil or avocado oil. Many people get these oils by cold pressing. A plant is pressed or crushed without being heated in this process.

Are you looking for Cold Pressed Carrier Oils Manufacturers in Trivandrum?

We are a notable Cold Pressed Carrier Oils Exporters and Supplier in Trivandrum. Natural oils called essential oils, which are derived from plant parts, are too potent to apply topically because they are so concentrated. We can dilute essential oils with carrier oils to make them safe for topical application on the skin. Are Carrier oils the same as cold-pressed oils? An Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Organic, Unrefined Carrier Oil is the best type to use in natural products.

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Almond Oil (Mamra Gurbandi)
Almond Oil (Mamra Gurbandi) ₹315 - ₹10237
Almond Oil (Sweet)
Almond Oil (Sweet) ₹184 - ₹5512
Amla Seed Oil
Amla Seed Oil ₹295 - ₹10030
Apricot Oil
Apricot Oil ₹210 - ₹5250
Argan Oil (Certified Organic)
Argan Oil (Certified Organic) ₹577 - ₹21000
Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil ₹210 - ₹7350
Bakuchi Oil
Bakuchi Oil ₹354 - ₹10030
Baobab Oil-Organic
Baobab Oil-Organic ₹826 - ₹25960
Bhringraj Oil
Bhringraj Oil ₹472 - ₹13865
Black Cumin Seed Oil
Black Cumin Seed Oil ₹210 - ₹6300
Borage Oil
Borage Oil ₹708 - ₹17700
Brahmi Oil
Brahmi Oil ₹413 - ₹13570
Camellia (Green Tea) Oil
Camellia (Green Tea) Oil ₹413 - ₹14160
Castor Oil
Castor Oil ₹74 - ₹1890
Chaulmogra Oil
Chaulmogra Oil ₹148 - ₹8850